Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Brother Scan and Cut

What a difference a day makes!!
Today, it is pouring rain...
we need it....
We did not have any snow to speak of this year
Yesterday was100m/h winds,
 making my neighbor's field look like the Dirty Thirties all over again!!

It is probably loving the rain today!!

Since the sun was shining yesterday,
 Maryann and I decided we would attempt a maiden voyage
kayak for the first time this year.
 The wind gave us quite the workout....

as we paddled the creek against the wind!!!

There were some choppy waters but it was a good time none the less!!!

There were tons of turtles sunning themselves on the banks....
Who needs to go to a gym!!!
Recently, our guild purchased a Brother Scan and Cut
which a couple of us tried to figure out the other day.
I have to say the instructions are pretty vague
I think we got the gist of it!!


Can't say it went smoothly...We are going to need some new mats!!
But after getting the settings right,
 we managed to feed in some fabric...

and get a slashed up piece that resulted in ....

Happy Birthday....

.... CHEER and a couple of shapes.
I think it will be a good investment once we refine the procedures!!

Friday, April 18, 2014

Grey Days

The days have been so windy and grey....
So it was a perfect day to go to Crosby,ND to the Pheasant Fabrics Quiltstore

Wheerreee...... I sold my first 10 patterns!!!
Quilting at Guild yesterday was filled with new show and tell
 but I didn't get pics of it all!!
I really need to focus more instead of chatting so much!!
These were a few of Terry Whitman's latest creations...
Misty Pines in Stonehenge
Terry needle turn appliqued these swirls all winter
watching football,hockey,curling, Olympics....

Just floors me that we are friends....I HATE sports!!!

She recently Modpodged this little suitcase with pics of quilty things...

such a cute collage....

That is an actual doily!!!

She will be packing in quilty style on her next trip!!

I have been working on my first row for Bear Creek Quilts Row Robin

This is Shari's row.
Doesn't her kitty look like Winny??

She included these fabrics for all her rows....

Since I am in a 'windows' rut right now
 I am working on this for a row.....

It's not quite there yet...
I think the brown 1/2 triangles need to go!! 
Back to work...ok...quilting!!

Monday, April 14, 2014

Scrap Squad Block

Just had a second set of twins born......
Ten cows left to calve!!!
This month's recipient for BOM is Scrapper -Nicole Reynolds Brouillette
She requested something from
 Quiltmaker's  100 Blocks Magazine in teal
I flipped open my magazine
 this is the block that it opened up to....

I pulled out my teals and started cutting....
This is what it looks like in Teal...

Here is Block 589, Codex by Colette Degroot

This one ..........


and this one were made by Anne Wiens

This one is called Sailors delight

This one is by Marti Dyer-Allison block#663
It will be great to see the finished quilts from each of our collections one day!!
Happy Monday....
It's a short week so make it count!!


Friday, April 11, 2014

A Busy Week...

Calving has been going well....
as you can tell by this little gang of trouble makers....
These are the last of the girls waiting for their day in the maternity pen
Doing what cows do!!
I have finally gotten this quilt finished for my cousin's baby....

Pretty ruffly with Minky fabric on the back

Her name is Genevieve
But they call her Genny

I got my row robin into the mail and on to it's first recipient

Can't wait till July to see what this comes home looking like!!
I included a little something~something for each quilter...

as a thank you
for the work they do on my row

Thank you for all the work you put into my row.
It will be a quilt I will have such great memories of!!

My favorite quilty gift of all time is tags and labels by BBD Creations
This is their last year of business. I am really going to miss their talent!!
Today my guild members  let me use them as guinnea pigs,
teaching them how to make my cathedral ceilings quilt.

I think my pattern is going to work!! 
Terry recently acquired a trunk of vintage linens
brought some to show up today!!
They were amazing workmanship!!

A quilt made of flannel flags
 that were collected through the purchase of boxes of cigars.
This was WAAAY before my day!!

Each flag was included in the box and someone made them into a quilt!!!

I am sure there were flags of countries that don't even exist any more!!

It took a lot of searching through...

To find the flag that represented Canada!!!

There was also this vintage quilt of stars....

And this INCREDIBLE crocheted table cloth....

It won first prize for Ethel Comstock of Moose Jaw.
No idea what year it was but the tag was still attached.
Ethel lived from 1889 to 1971
was probably married to Roy Comstock(1880- 1935).
They are both buried at the Mitchelton Cemetary in the RM of Terrell near Spring Valley,Sk.

She was well deserving of winning...this was a stunning work of art!!
I love vintage history
really respect the talent our fore-quilters and crafters possessed.
These days everything comes from China...not from your grandma!!
Ps. How do you like that update, Terry!!