Wednesday, August 26, 2015

It Happened Again

Years ago,
we found a batch of kittens who had lost their mom.
They were in rough shape,
 so we brought them in to clean them up and start to feeding them
Our Border Collie, Kelsey was a loving dog
 took the kittens over
She had never had a litter of her own
 started lactating and nursed those kitties into good health.
Fast Forward 20 years....
Since we got the pups at the beginning of June,

Our cats have high tailed it into exile....
Except this little buckeroo whose mom took all his siblings but him
After much work he has finally gotten friendly
 comes for his kibbles every day
But who knew....
Our new Border, Timber has fostered this kitten!!


No wonder Buckaroo is doing SO well!!
Only on our farm...

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Back In The Groove

Okie...dokie... I am back....
Sorry... I've been a bad blogger as of late...
I've been busy...I know.. that's no excuse!!
I am really feeling like I could use a wife or a hired man...or both!!
Harvest is done.
Another year of producing organic wheat and flax for the peeps.
My yard looks like a tractor convention
Dawson is enjoying a break on the couch before fall work begins

'Pink skies in the night,sailors delight' and farmers, too!
The weather has been very conducive to harvest!!

Having an extra combine really made for a hasty harvest!
Thanks, Heather and Gordon!!

I decided to 'take a day' and get back on track with my Wedding Star quilt

I would say I am half done

I used one fat quarter pack of artisan batiks to make what I have so far
I want it to be queen sized so I am going to start on the second set

Only 24 more blocks to make....
I'll try not to let life get in the way of blogging so much!!

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Whole Lot of Farming Going On!

You'ld think I was gone on a vacation or something.
Nope...just working hard.
Justin's Orphan Ranch is doing well...
He has turned his little tractor into a self feeder

Just enough room for five heads...

With the temperatures reaching an extreme high in the 40's,
harvest is advancing fast

Who would think that 27 indoors would feel cool???
The swathing is complete...

Dawson missed her ride...

But was sure to be the first in the truck!!

It has been some long, hot days that's for sure....

Haven't had a whole lot of time to do anything fun...
I did make an attempt at starting something with my Alpaca wool
 with temps like this it's hard to get into the mindset yet!!

If all goes well... we should finish this week!!

Not very often is harvest done before the end of August!!

But I will take it....
Oh...... the things I could plan for September...

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Mariners Compass..Finish #2

This was the quilt that Pat Jones and I agreed was going to be our next project
Pat had her stroke.
Pat with her Glacier Star
The Mariner's Compass by Judy Neimeyer

Crazy to think I finished this one and Pat's Glacier Star last year!!

This quilt is alot darker than I care for but none the less....

It's done!!
I wonder why blue and browns are my favorite color combos??
We are in full swing with harvest...
Blue skies and Brown fields
Swathing is happening...
The auger is in the bin....

Nearly time to combine!!
That's when I like to look at GREEN!!




Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Sedona Star Finish

I recently finished my Sedona Star....

I had to wash it so it looks pretty wrinkled and pictures aren't doing it justice!!
This was a Block of the Month in 2012
Ricky Tim's Quilt Show

The designer is Sarah Vedeler

You know my ordeal in the early conception of this quilt -
(If you don't -  go HERE to get a little back story on it - I have made amends with the husband)
This is one of those quilts that definitely has a story...

I was originally going to do it in Bright Batiks
 just couldn't find the right blends....

So I decided I was going to use some of my absolute favorite fabrics in my 'Collection'
That's what Ricky Tims told us at his Retreat this Spring....
We are collectors...Not horders..
like antiques but fabric!

I decided to quilt this one myself on my little old sewing machine.....

My shoulders were screaming and I started wondering WHY I hadn't sent it to Terry???

But I pushed on...
As Ricky would say...
It's not spectacular but it is as good as I am RIGHT now.

I never dreamed I would meet Ricky Tims...
let alone while I was working on a quilt once featured on his site!!!

I may put more quilting on it
(when I get shoulder strength again)
I love the look from the back with the sun shining through...
I can not stress enough...if you EVER get the chance to see Ricky Tims...
He was so inspiring and encouraging.
Quilt for fun.
Enjoy it.
Love each step.
Dont like where it's going....change it or move on.

Friday, July 31, 2015

A Day of Fabric and Friends

Yesterday I had the honor of helping Tamra
 choose new lines for her Fall order

Oh...the possiblities!!

For a moment I thought I was back at Houston Quilt Market!!

I know what I like but tried to keep all of my quilty friends tastes in mind.
Tracey? Colleen?? Any of these??

I loved these striped batiks...
(and Kate Spain)

So that was a super fun morning.....
 The afternoon was spent with the Heart and Hand Guild

One of their members, Irene Roy
 is embarking on a new adventure as she moves to Saskatoon in September
Irene is an incredible quilter
 any guild that she joins will only benefit from her wealth of knowledge

She has made not ONE but SIX of these scrap apple quilts!!

She has dabbled in so many artistic ventures and is amazing at them all

At 87 years young,
 we teased her about how 80 is the new 50!!

Irene's presence will be missed but not forgotten

I know our paths will cross again... quilters travel!!
Their guild did a challenge due for the Fall and Irene has already finished her!!

Good tidings on your voyage to a new city.
I can only imagine the fun your going to have.
Thank you for your influence ~ you make us all want to be better quilters!!
Till then...
I am off to repair a tractor.... what we quilters won't do to keep our stash up!!